Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where is your energy going?

I was in a yoga class this morning and my teacher/mentor was talking about collective energy.  The collective energy we cultivate can either improve or destruct a situation.  For myself the more energy I put into doing things that make me feel good (such as yoga and meditation), the more i can spread that energy of peace and balance off the mat when I leave the studio. The same goes for others, whether its yoga or anything els who can do to achieve that sense of balance and peace.

As I left the studio i looked across the street at the 2 mile long gas line (which has been the usual for the past 6 days).  People have been going crazy since Sandy hit last Monday.  Whether its the shortage of gas for cars, or those "fortunate" ones who need gas for generators, people are not taking this situation lightly.  Fights breaking out for fuel, people waiting in their cars on 6 hour gas lines, people are litterally going insane to try and obtain the needs that they took for granted just over a week ago.  Even something so minimal as coffee!  The day after the storm hit, Dunkin Donuts had to ration portions of coffee to serve people on 20 minute lines AFTER driving miles to find a place with coffee...period.  While people were figuring how to reconstruct their home other people were concentrating their energy towards where the f#ck they were going to get their sweet hot cup of coffee.  Same spectrum of energy being used, just look at where its going.

Just think about how much your energy plays a part in the world.  We tend to either overextend ourselves to others or on the other end of the spectrum not do anything at all.  We are all on the same spectrum of exerting our energy... maybe its a  good idea to see where your energy is being put out.  By keeping ourselves balanced and doing good things for ourselves that allows us to put out our energy into the world in a more calm, composed and balanced way.  The first way to help other people is to help ourselves, allowing us to help others in a more constructive manner and bringing peace to others by obraining it to ourselves first.

It seems as if all our energy is a reaction to how we think.  Some people think they will die without electric and so they get all this negative anxiety towards the process of getting gas.  Of course we know this isn't the case but what we attatch our energy towards results in the way we react to things.  This is how chaos is emerging and instead of pulling together in a collective balanced energy to get through this period instead people are letting their personal anxiety and personal needs cause a seperation through us.  By taking care our energy first we can personally not contribute to chaos but rather spread a sense of peace.

Until next time,  take a deep breathe... and ask yourself  "what can i do for myself to gain a sense of balance and peace so that I can bring that energy to the people around me today?"

Om shanti shanti shanti. go in peace.  Namaste.

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