Sunday, November 4, 2012

Well you have come across quite a unique being if you have stumbled upon here.  My name is Eve Simonetti and I am not your average 22 year old from Merrick,NY .  My journey towarda spiritual enlightenment technically started at 13 years old when i developed an Eating Disorder which still haunts me to this day.  During the past 9 years I have faced some difficulties and struggles that most people dont face in a lifetime. After becoming addicted to drugs in my teenage years, i've had to juggle 2 life threatening conditions.  Between hospitals, rehabs and well over 20 treatment centers, i have met every type of human being imagineable.  It wasn't until 2 years ago when i took my first yoga class i finally started seeing a light at the end of the tunnel... i i didnt have to live like this anymore... there was a better way.  And just like anyone with an addict mentality, i wanted more of what was making me feel good...and thats when i developed an asana practice.  Yoga was the only thing that relieved my anxiety and helped clear through some of the clutter of my mind.  That asana practice led  me to a yoga practice(both very different) and so a whole new journey began.

And so that above was all "about me" and really my main intention of creating this blogger is start to discover who i really am, so perhaps the bottom line is... i'm not quite so sure who i am.  I know what i've been through, i know things on a physical level but when i start looking within, thats where the onion layers begin.

My quest for so called "enlightenment" began many years before i took my first yoga class but the more  yoga i practice the more i question whether doing a bunch of poses and twists will help me reach this mindful and spiritual state instead of just giving me sore muscles for the next 24 hours, only to go to another class the next day and doing it again.  The thing that struck me so much first about yoga is that it made me forget the outside world.  When im in class its as if i dont have to think about anything except that moment.  It may sound odd to some people but with my past addiction and curent anxiety issues it was like a medication that required no pills, doctors, or therapists.  For the first time in a long time i was able to quiet my mind.  It was if someone had shut the switch off in my mind for that hour of moving and meditation.  The problem was that the moment i left the studio the switch seemed to go immediately back on.

If you actually read this first paragraph or my so called "about me" then you know about my past addictions.  Instantly yoga became my drug.  Throughout my life everything just always seemed like one insane situation following another but when i wen't into a yoga class, i was insured an hour of peace... almost like entering some alter fantasy land.  What i came to learn is that this hour wasn't some metaphoric version of "fantasy".  These people were for real.  They were able to calm their minds and reach a state of peace that i can only dream of and not only maintain it for an hour of class, but take it with them outside the studio and share it with the world around them.  The question entered my mind and has never left since... "how do they do it?"

Well on a totalllyyyyy different sidenote, I live on Long Island in New York and last week we were hit with one of the most devistating hurricaines to hit in years, Hurricaine Sandy.  It has been beyond a nightmare.  Houses around me being washed away, everyone losing power, heat, electricity, all of their belongings, ect. Luckily enough, i was fortunate to only lose everything on the bottom of the house due to flooding, one of our cars got washed up by the water rising, personal belongings, heat, electricity and so on.  One might think, how is that fortunate?  Well towns and houses all around me were completely destroyed.... washed away.  People have nothing right now.  People died due to falling trees, fires destroying towns due to power lines down, i just get the chills whenever i think about it.  It makes me really look at my life and how many things i am grateful to have. Throughout this week i have learned that I CAN survive without TV, internet and lights.  The only difficult thing that i've had to deal with is the no heat issue.  I mean i can survive the cold but sleeping with no heat but as temperatures drop as we enter November it's not very practical sleeping everynight with no power and no heat when it becomes almost to the point of freezing cold.  All i have to say is im so grateful for my yoga studio(which luckily maintained power and got through the storm with no damage) where i was able to maintain my practice and give me a place to charge my phone and laptop while i move and meditate.  Plus i dont know if you have had the experience of being stuck in a house with no heat, with your family for days on end when everyone is strung out and fusturated, but people start to lose it.  So im grateful again for a place to go to at least get some peace and silent.. and heat.  Another shout out to Starbucks where I have been squatting out charging my phone and using their wifi so i could start this hopefully ongoing blog to purge all of my neverending thoughts that i usually journal onto this public forum to share my thoughts with all of you (plus the tea and warmth helps as well).

I want to be able to explain the name of this blog and what it exactly means and would like to get around to the subject of people and how in the face of crisis it can be so beautiful how everyone can come together in unity and help eachother.  I would also like to address how agitated people become when in crisis and start losing it when we realize that we cannot easily access our basic needs, for example: people going litterally crazy over coffee and now gas since we have basically none here in New York.  But in the meantime, i'm going to open up my outlet to someone els at Starbucks who needs it and get a warm meal.  Lucky for me my family has a hotel booked for tonight which will provide me with my first warm shower and first warm night of sleep in a week :). It's amazing what you become grateful for when you realize how much you have taken for granted.

So until tonight or tomorrow, stay safe yogis, earthlings, whoever out there may be reading this.  We have much more to talk about ;)

Om Shanti, go in peace... Namaste.

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